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Why there is difference in rates when transporting a car

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There is always a question that why a car shipping company is taking more. There are many factors which affect the pricing rates of shipping. Each car either they are shipping at the same place they will be having a slightly different price from others. It is necessary to understand the range of price that is being offered. All the rates that are provided are according to the services that are being provided by the company. The car shipping Canada service providers check every aspect and come up with the price range that they offer. The increase in the price range is due to certain reasons.

  1. Distance to be traveled: The distance is counted from the point of starting the delivering point. The shorter a distance is then less time and fuel is utilized and vice versa with longer distance. The charges asked depends on how much the traveling is going to be made.
  2. Model of Car: Make and model of the car depends on increasing or decreasing the charges of shipment. The car shipping Canada takes more care to those cars which are expensive, vintage and classic. The expensive cars also have a higher value of insurance provided when they are shipped. Also, the owner of the car will like to take all the safety measures which are good for their cars.
  3. Picking and dropping area: When are cars are asked to be picked from particular place then charges increased. A person will be coming to pick the car and then will be taking to the transportation vehicles. Also when the car is to be delivered to a particular spot then there is an increase in the charges. To save some extra money just drove the car in the pick-up location. An inspection will be there to check the car and it is ready to transport. At the delivery area ask the receiver to pick the car from there.
  4. Type of shipping trucks: There are different types of shipping trucks for the preference of customers. The open trucks are slightly cheaper than the container ones. A person can also check the trucks in which the transportation has to be made. For expensive cars, it is recommended to transport them in a container. This will keep the car safer and increase the safety measures. If the distance is small or there is a normal car then booking an open truck is much appreciated.