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What Liberty Automotive Protection Can Do For You With an A+ Rating

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While most drivers assume that the warranty that comes with new vehicles is the gold standard in protecting against large repair bills, this is actually not the case. An extended service contract from a company such as Liberty Automotive Protection frequently offers more advantages than the average manufacturer’s warranty.

One of the biggest benefits of Liberty Automotive Protection compared to the manufacturer’s warranty is the flexibility to suit your coverage to your vehicle and budget. If you drive an older vehicle prone to mechanical breakdowns, the company’s Engine Coverage can shield you from costly engine repair bills at an affordable price point. Customers interested in more comprehensive coverage can choose Powertrain coverage instead. It’s slightly more expensive, but covers your transmission and drive axles in addition to your engine.

If that’s still not enough protection to give you peace of mind, Powertrain Enhanced coverage includes everything that the Powertrain coverage does plus electrical and air conditioning. Finally, you have the option of Select Coverage, the most comprehensive contract Liberty Automotive Protection offers. This contract covers everything from your fundamental engine components to factory-installed GPS systems, with additional coverages such as turbo charger and High-Tech Electrical available for an added fee.

Regardless of the option you choose, your extended vehicle service contract will include additional bonuses not found in manufacturer’s warranties. You can choose your own licensed repair shop instead of being forced to use your dealership’s. There is also no limit to the number of claims you may make over the life of your policy. Best of all, your coverage is valid across the United States and Canada. Not only does this allow you to freely explore the highway, it also makes your protection 100 percent transferable to increase your car’s resale value should you decide to sell it.

Every Liberty Automotive Protection extended service plan also includes roadside assistance, giving you access to essential services such as a topped off fuel tank or emergency tow when you need them most. You can even hire a professional locksmith to get back into your vehicle on Liberty’s dime if you lock yourself out!

As if that wasn’t enough, extended service plans from Liberty Automotive Protection include trip interruption protection. You can receive money to cover room and board if your car goes into the shop for a covered repair more than 100 miles from your residence. Alternatively, you can enjoy a free car rental to continue your trip as if nothing had happened at all.

You may have heard horror stories about extended service contract providers in the past, but Liberty Automotive Protection has a stellar A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. They also have nearly 25 years in the automotive protection industry, proving that they are a company worth doing business with.

There is no limit to the number of claims you may make over the life of your Liberty Automotive Protection contract, so take advantage of all of these valuable services as often as possible. If you’re interested in learning more about what Liberty Automotive Protection can do for your vehicle and budget, visit them online at to get a free quote with no obligation. Alternatively, give their friendly customer service team a call at 800-599-9557 or reach them by email ( for additional information.