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What is the Diesel Scrappage Scheme?

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New, but not yet introduced; the diesel car scrappage scheme may soon be encouraged in Britain. Yes, there will eventually be a time when diesel cars are banned, and you will be forced to settle for an eco-friendly alternative. But what will this really mean for you?

What is the Scheme?

Currently, the Government is talking about their new plans to rule out diesel cars and have drivers replace them with an energy-efficient equivalent such as hybrid or electric cars. The plan originated in France, and since theirs was so successful, the UK Government are certain that it will benefit the environment a significant amount more than if drivers were to stick with a diesel motor.

On the whole, the scheme will be set out to reduce air pollution and encourage drivers to purchase environmentally-friendly vehicles instead. Not just to help reduce carbon emissions even more so than before, but for purely for the sake of good health.

When Will It Be Introduced?

The British Government is eager to remove diesels cars from the roads by 2030 – a shot in the dark right now, but diesel cars are increasingly popular now more than ever before and banning them almost seems a little unrealistic. Nonetheless, before implementing the scheme nationwide, the Government has plans to test the success of banning diesel cars by introducing hybrid and electric cars in the most-polluted areas like London in the UK. The plans to reduce air pollution world-wide have already begun, and by 2030, diesel cars won’t be available to drivers all around the world.

What Does It Mean for a Diesel Driver?

Supposing the legislation comes into place in 2030, or perhaps even before that, diesel drivers will be encouraged to part with their motors and replace them with one that will better help the environment – hybrid or electric cars are set to be the replacement and are already being introduced by numerous vehicle manufacturers in hope that they will have at least some effect on drivers. ‘The more the Government encourages the use of environmentally-friendly vehicles in the UK, more and more manufacturers are likely to support motorists by making these vehicles affordable to everyone, regardless of financial situations. Thus, finance schemes such as PCP will help those who cannot afford to pay the full cost of a hybrid or electric motor straight away. So, in many, many ways, banning diesel will have countless benefits for us all,’ Howard Roberts of Smile Car Finance explains.

Why Should I Switch?

What’s in it for you then? Why should you switch from a diesel to an environmentally-friendly car? Well, drivers will receive £3,300 when handing in diesel cars, along with an additional bonus of up to £5,200 depending on how environmentally-friendly the car is – which could make the purchase of another car less strenuous for yourself and much more affordable at the same time. Let’s just say that this diesel ban might also encourage more drivers to purchase their new hybrid or electric car on finance, in which case, the UK vehicle market can expect to see the most sales of hybrids or electrics in more than a decade.