Used Car Purchasing Tips to Keep you Safe

Not everyone can afford to buy a brand new 2017 Honda HR-V right off the lot. If you need a vehicle but cannot afford a new one buying a used car can provide you with the car you need. However you have to be a little more consumer savvy when buying used.

Fair Price

When you are buying a used car you are going to be concerned about price. You want to be certain you are paying a fair price for the make and model in hand with the age and condition of the car. You can use online resources to look for average prices to get a good idea of what makes sense and what doesn’t. Speaking to a dealership might be helpful as well as they will have a good handle on car prices.

Dealing with Dealerships

It is often safest to deal with a car dealership when buying used. The reason for this is that they have their reputation at stake and will therefore be very cautious to ensure the car is in good working order. As well they know their own vehicles best and sometimes may even have warranties for new parts they may have placed in the vehicle. You will pay a higher price when buying a used car from a dealer, but this is because you will be protected under the Sales of Goods Act. This is ideal for peace of mind when purchasing a used vehicle.

If Buying Privately

Despite the warnings, you may still hear about a car through friends or family that is for sale privately. This does not always have to end in disaster if you take the proper precautions. Your purchase will not be covered under the Sales of Goods Act, but having the car checked by a trustworthy mechanic will let you know exactly what you are purchasing. Keep in mind that a car may look like it is in perfect condition but what you can’t see can hurt you. Come with a full list of questions and write down all of the answers you get. If you do this than you do have grounds to request your money back should something have been misrepresented by the seller.

Test Drive

You never want to buy a car new or used, without a test drive. You want to be sure you are comfortable in the car and get a feel for the way it drives. There are many things even a brand new car might have that do not appeal to you from leg and head room to the reach to turn on the radio or how the windshield wipers work. Drive it and get a good feel for how you feel behind the wheel.

Internet Businesses

If you find a used car online through an internet business there is one saving grace. There is a seven day cooling off period for any purchases through an internet business. This means if you buy on an impulse you can change your mind about the deal under Distance Selling regulations.

One final word of advice: If the papers don’t make sense don’t make the purchase and always have a paper trail of your purchase and ownership documents.