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Three Leading Causes of Highway Accidents in Texas

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The Federal Highway Administration reported that accidents involving motor vehicles are still the leading cause of death among Americans 34 years and younger. Among the various causes of these highway accidents, alcohol, use of mobile phones while driving and other driver behaviors have been reported to be the most common. Depending on the type of accident, a law firm specializing in Texas statutes, such as Stewart Guss, a Houston based firm, would be the best to hire. In Texas, we find that the following are three of the leading causes of highway accidents in Texas:

In Texas, the NHTSA reported that 34% of the total number of vehicle crashes in 2009 is a result of alcohol impaired driving. Seventy-two percent of these incidents have occurred between midnight and 3 am. In some incidents, the high Blood Alcohol Content level of non-drivers has been the cause of the accidents. According to Stewart Guss lawyer in Texas, there are a significant number of cases where courts have held drunk pedestrians partly liable for the accident.

  1. Reckless Driving and Limit Your Distractions.

Reckless driving is a common practice among most of the drivers nowadays. They continuously tailgate, weave in and out of the traffic and hardly take any account of the traffic signals and other basic safety precautions. Now, it is always feasible to stay alert while dealing with such reckless drivers and maintain a safe distance from their vehicles. However, if you recognize yourself as the reckless driver, it is the time you should reconsider your attitude towards driving. You may feel that you can cruise down that four-way stop easily. However, you never know that obeying traffic signals may add few more days in your life. The number of auto accidents that resulted owing to distracted driving is rising to terrifyingly high level. Distractions, no matter how small it is, can divert your attention considerably and you will find it harder to concentrate as you drive. Texting and usage of smartphone are the most common reasons that cause distraction while driving. Other common activities are tuning to radio, looking at the navigation system, being attracted to a billboard advertisement, eating and drinking in the car.

  1. Reckless Changing of Lanes and Driving the Wrong Way.

Changing of lanes is inevitable while driving, especially when you are on the interstate. However, many drivers in the US disregard the signals or cautions when changing lanes. Most of the time they switch lanes blindly or without providing any kind of warning to the other drivers and that often lead to serious accidents. So signal properly and avoid the blind spots of other cars while changing lanes. Breezing your car in the wrong way on a one-way road or on the wrong side of the highway or in incorrect lane of traffic may prove disastrous. So, never disregard the signage as it indicates the proper lanes to travel, especially if you are not acquainted with the road you are driving your vehicle and unsure about the way to follow.

Hope, now you will enjoy a safe drive. However, if you get involved in a serious car accident due to another driver’s negligence, get in touch with an experienced auto accident lawyer to get competent legal aid and fair settlement.