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The Top Summer Car Care Tips

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Winterizing cars is a common phenomenon among car owners. This is because you will want your vehicle to remain intact even after the winter season. However, there is also the other side of winterizing which is making sure your car survives the heat in summer. Summertime means more vacations and more travel.

However, long drives in extreme heats can be tough to your vehicle. Below are some of the top summer car care tips for you.

Clean/ Replace the Air Filters

Winter is a dangerous season that often leaves your car’s air filter and nozzles clogged. Summer may be an excellent time to take out the current air filter and clean it thoroughly. If your air filter has been clogged so much, then you should consider replacing it with a new one.

You should also take time and inspect the cabin filtration system plus the pollen filters for any clogging. These filters are easy to change by yourself. However, do not fail to consult performance auto parts Los Angeles expert when in doubt.

Keep Your Car Clean

The long and beautiful summer evenings may sound blissful, but they may also be hazardous to your car especially when the windshield is dirty. The haze from the evening sun will diffuse the light and make things hard to see.

If left unchecked, the grime will build up making things tougher. Keeping the exterior of your car clean also helps in protecting the paintwork from the strong sun rays as well as any damage that may be caused by insects and birds. A clean vehicle is also appealing and comfortable. You should always finish the car cleaning process with a good-quality wax.

Clean the Battery

Dead batteries are common during the winter season. However, the summer months can also be too harsh for your car battery. The excessive summer heat usually speeds up the chemical reaction inside the battery causing it to overcharge. Battery overcharge leads to a reduced battery life. Battery maintenance is critical during summer.

Regularly disconnect the battery cables and clean the battery terminals. After wiping, make sure that you strap down the battery tightly and make the necessary reconnection in the right way. If your battery is no longer performing, you should consider replacing it with a new one from performance auto parts Los Angeles dealers.

Check Your Tires

You need to be extra careful with your tire pressure during summer due to the rising temperatures. An under-inflated car tire tends to bulge outwards exerting more pressure on its side wall. The increased heat pressure is sufficient to make the tire blow off. Over-inflated tires tend to make less contact with the road surface which can result in hydroplaning during summer thunderstorms.