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The Best Cars for Less Than £100 a Month

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It’s hard to believe that some of the most practical and reliable cars can be yours for just £100 or less each month – Despite such a low asking price these cars provide all the basics you need for a daily commuter and even throw in a few added extras!

Volkswagen Up

Compact as it might be, the brilliant little Volkswagen Up is not only good-looking and enjoyable to drive, but thanks to its impressive build quality and refined ride it appears more grown-up than ever before – let’s just say that it’s rather difficult for other manufacturers to produce a vehicle of similar features and quality based on the same budget. Nonetheless, that doesn’t really explain why the VW Up is amongst the best cars on the market for no more than £100 per month though, does it? Well, let’s consider the electric windows, remote central locking and a 60,000-mile warranty – and of course, don’t skip the fact that the Up can be snapped up for £99.40 – and there you have it. Every reason behind what makes this little city car so wonderful.

Skoda Citigo

If you happily minus the slight lack of clever gadgets and odd colour schemes, the Skoda Citigo offers everything you need to get that back-to-basics feeling on the busiest city roads. Obviously, if you’re an experienced driver, you might prefer to invest more of your money into the perfect motor that offers all the latest and most advanced devices – but of course, for new or relatively new drivers, you won’t want to spend too much of your hard-earned cash on the unnecessary stuff just yet, and, why would you? Skoda’s Citigo is the perfect motor to get you from one place to another, plus Skoda will include a pre-paid fuel card when you pay the initial deposit fee – so you’ll get several months of free fuel top-ups too. At least that’s one less thing to worry about!

“I drive a Citigo and its maybe the best value for money car I’ve ever had. Fuel-efficient, Smooth Ride and a modern interior makes this car amazing for less than £100 a month.” Added Ryan of Finance My Motor Car

Hyundai i10

Despite being one of the smallest cars on the road, its tall body and generously spaced five-door layout means that there should be very few complaints from those in the back seats. The good news doesn’t stop there either, the i10’s ride is smooth and can take even the roughest city streets in its stride – It’s difficult to believe that even some of the most dated cars on the market can offer a comfortable experience for drivers, too. That said, Hyundai’s SE models offer air conditioning, electric front and rear windows and USB AUX connections as a standard, so it’s not completely beyond its time after all.

Vauxhall Corsa

The Corsa has got to be one of the most original and well-known motors on the market – especially for the younger generation. Despite not being the first idea that springs to anyone’s mind when looking to buy a car for no more than £100 each month, the Vauxhall Corsa is one worth considering for sure! If it’s style and comfort you’re after, at a low monthly budget, then perhaps you might think about the not-so-expensive running costs included with a Vauxhall Corsa as well! It may be behind its years, but it’s still considered to be one of the best cars available on the market, and for just less than £100 per month!

Dacia Logan MCV

Not many of us would have guessed a motor as spacious as Dacia’s Logan MCV to be as little as £100 or less per month, and not only does it surprisingly provide a spacious cabin, but its huge 572-litre boot is surely enough to tempt anyone into buying one. Dacias Ambience model is definitely the one to go for – electric windows up-front, Bluetooth connectivity and isofix points are all fitted as a standard, so you’d be getting a bargain for a payment of just £98 each month. Not only that, but if you’re buying on PCP, Dacia will even throw in a £500 deposit contribution to help reduce the total cost of the initial deposit fee – all the more reason to grab the bargain while it’s still around!