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Providing strength to your waste management

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Trucks boarded with septic tanks play an important role in the waste management program of the country. These trucks are responsible for safe and hygienic transportation of human waste and waste of the various industries which if exposed could cause serious danger to the public health of the vicinity from where they are picked and the place where they are decomposed. These tanks are manufactured with specific metal which could withstand the corrosive nature of the waste and any other reaction which may take place in the tank. These tanks are made in the Septic Truck Company.

Types of septic tanks available

  • Carbon steel tanks: As the name suggests these tanks are made from carbon steel; which is one of the metals used by the company’s manufacturing these tanks. Carbon steel is known for its low maintenance and high life expectancy. These tanks are further powder coated to protect from corrosion. They have added steel work area with the drop down making the access to hose and tools much easier. These tanks are available in the different sizes of 950,1250 and 1600 gallon sizes. The sizes of the tanks are fixed after researching about the area from the market. These series of tanks are known for the satisfaction of the customers and for its manure ability, strength, dependability and strength.
  • Aluminum Tanks: These tanks are known for its light weight and the light weight of the tank results in less wear and tear on the chassis and thus lowers the mileage cost. The light weight of the tank also provides advantage to be loaded on the trucks with lesser power and hence saving money without compromising on the strength of the tank. The tank contains baffles which do not allow the liquid to sloshing around thus making the vehicle stop immediately and provide easy manure ability.