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Looking for an appropriate sedan? Consider Houston Hyundai Elantra

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Sedan a classy body for cars

Sedan could be said as a passenger car with A, B and C pillars which is the configuration of three-box along with the principal volumes segmented separately in compartments for passenger cargo and engine. It is quite popular and frequently used in corporate world as a business car body.

Types of sedans made

There are various types of sedan which have developed from time to time and which vary from company to company. Various types of sedans are-

  • Club sedan, a high class US model which emerged in the mid of 1920s.
  • Notchback sedan, a model in which passenger volume differs from trunk one.
  • Fastback sedans, a two-box model having ongoing slope from roof to base.
  • Hardtop sedans, popularly sold as sport sedans during 1960s to 70s.
  • Hatchback sedans, modern model with fastback profile.
  • Chauffeured sedans are most classy model cars with the touch of a limousine.

There were also the sedans with two doors which were known as Sedanets. Sedan is a popular style of car body and many motor companies have excelled in its manufacturing Hyundai is one of those company. It is a really impressive automobile company which is based in Korea and was founded a long time back in 1946. People of US were really attracted towards the Houston Hyundai Elantra in Auto Expo.

Hyundai Elantra know it well

The Hyundai Elantra appears to be one of the best sedans among all of the other sedans. It is available in diesel as well as petrol model. The car consists of a hexagon shape at front which makes it look alike of other models of sedan belonging from the same family. The unique headlights are the specialty of Hyundai sedans.

The reasons which makes Elantra a better choice are-

  • It is available in trim levels and in other different styles.
  • There is proper cargo space.
  • The design of car is really attractive and stylish.
  • Its features are really generous and are up to the standards.

Houston Hyundai Elantra is available in 6- speed gearbox which is controlled manually along with the automatic one. The car comes in six different shades which may include a classy Maharaja red, twilight blue, sleek silver and regular white, black and bronze. Along with a fast engine of Hyundai this car also has a dashboard with a very stylish looks it also have an automatic temperature control which provides another level comfort to the driver as well as passengers. With the feature of automatic cruise control and hill assistance it appears to be a masterpiece.

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Why Hyundai Elantra?

This car is an appropriate option for gifting someone really special as well as for buying it as your first car too. There is a premium quality solar glass used in the doors and windshields which resists the dangerous rays of ultra violet and enables the air conditioner to function properly.