Know the policies which are important for you

Know the policies which are important for you

CG Key tags is the ultimate shopping place for all types of key chains from different brands and companies who are new and talented in both national and international market. There are rules and regulations which have to be followed when you decide to buy a key chain. Of course, there are return policies, if you decide to return any key chain; then, you have to follow certain policies which are important for your own assistance.

Go through the policies meticulously

The policies are listed below for your own advantage. Go through the policies for you to understand that these rules are followed by the organization and you have to follow them.

  • If you have bought a product and after thirty days you decide to change the product, then, it will not be possible. Usually, each product is of high quality and you have gone through the product descriptions usually. So, it is expected that you have not liked the design of it, so are in a mood of exchanging it. So, it has to be done within the first thirty days because after thirty days the policy will expire.


  • The second thing is to remember is that you cannot tamper with the product or the packaging or the invoices. Every single thing which you were delivered has to be returned in exact condition or else there would be no refund. The exact amount will be transferred to your bank account or the credit card or the PayPal account as they will check and confirm you with email notifications. It is obvious, that you will receive all the email notifications accordingly.


  • There are chances of partial refunds only and only if you have tampered with the product or the packaging or the invoices or the product is returned after thirty days. There are lots of chances where partial refunds are done. If there is missing any product then, you can expect partial refunds.


  • If your refund is reaching you late, then, you should inform your bank or your credit company for the refund. You can also mail us and know the status of your refund.