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Inexpensive Ways to Transport Goods

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If you are an astute business owner, always looking for ways to save on cost, why not consider using a pallet delivery service for your transportation needs? If you regularly transport large, bulky consignments around Australia and abroad, using a pallet delivery team is both cost-effective and highly reliable. Pallet trucks are a great way to move goods from one destination to another, it is one of the most inexpensive ways to transport your products.

What is a pallet delivery service?

A pallet is basically a flat, square wooden structure which is designed to carry heavy loads. It is easy to transport because of its dimensions, and it can be easily loaded and unloaded off a truck or van using specialist equipment such as a forklift or pallet jack. A pallet delivery service is a form of product transportation, which involves stacking a pallet with goods and loading them onto a truck. The pallet is usually made from wood, some also come in reinforced plastic form, but the most common material is wood. They act as a foundation for your consignment, you stack products on top of the pallet and secure the sides using straps or sticky industrial wrapping. Many Perth freight companies offer fast, effective deliveries using pallets, all you have to do is ensure your goods are tightly wrapped and ready for transportation.

Stacking Pallets

Stacking pallets correctly is important for protecting your goods against damage, if you don’t take some time to secure your items, they could come loose during transport and get badly damaged. Furthermore, your clients won’t be happy if their delivery arrives with half of the stock spoiled, you’ll lose customers and it could have an adverse effect on your business.

It is vital that you choose the right pallet when stacking.

  • The pallet should be large enough, so your products don’t hang over the edge of the structure, if you have bits sticking out everywhere, they’ve a greater chance of getting damaged.
  • The pallet shouldn’t have any cracks or broken parts, the structure must be solid and capable of supporting a heavy load. If you stack a bulky load on a damaged pallet, it won’t be able to support the weight and could fall apart causing additional problems.
  • Examine the pallet before you start to stack your products, avoid ones which have broken boards. It is also important to remove protruding nails, they can injure employees and transportation personnel.

Securing the Shipment

Once you chose the right type of pallet, it is vital that you secure your goods correctly. If you’re using boxes, make sure they are strong and won’t break easily when you begin to secure the sides of the structure, use shrink wrap to lock the consignment in place.

Using a pallet delivery service is a great way to save on cost, you can load large consignments and have a professional transport team collect your goods and deliver them to their destination. It is important to correctly stack each pallet to ensure you don’t damage your goods, try to stabilise the load and use plenty of shrink wrap.