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How to choose car insurance for used car

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Posted by Lisa Flake / November 26, 2016

After buying a car the first thing you should do is insure your car. In many countries car insurance is compulsory. Purchasing insurance for a used car or new car, the process is same but the policy premium rate. You should go through each and every points mentioned in policy documents before insure a car. You can compare the policies of multiple companies and get best deals.

Generally there are two types of car insurance available in market.

  • Third party liability insurance which includes damage to property, accidental death and injury to a third party.
  • Comprehensive plan includes road damages, fire, theft, malicious activity, natural calamities and driver’s medical expenses etc.


Common factors that affect premium calculation of cars are vehicle related risks i.e the make, engine type, fuel type etc., location related risks like in urban area, near highways and densely populated area premium is higher.  Insurance premium rate can be reduced by achieving no claim bonus and it also transferable to a new car insurance policy. Beside this if the customers willing to pay petty claims from his or her own pockets the insurance premium may reduce up to thirty percent. Insurance premium depends on the value of a car; it starts from 6% of car value and rises up depending on car type.  Sometimes people show their vehicle cost lower than the actual price to decrease the premium. But at the time of claim they incurred major loss for such activity. Car insurance policy lasts only for 12 months and one month grace period for renewing the policy.

In Qatar used cars insurance is must before registering a car. If the car is insured anyone have a valid Qatar driving permit can drive the car. Insurance can be invalid if the driver found drunken or drive the car in off-roads. As car insurance is must in Qatar, a number of insurance companies provide car insurance. Insurance companies in Qatar offer a variety of insurance plan with additional features. The renowned insurance companies are Qatar Insurance Company, Arbia Insurance Company, and Doha Insurance Company etc.