Four Automobile Safety Tips That Save Lives

Although automobiles are designed to be incredibly safe modes of transport, car crashes and accidents commonly occur every hour. Drivers and passengers also face threats to their safety from criminals who target automobiles. 

Follow these important automobile safety tips to reduce the risk:

Hand Over Your Keys

Drinking and driving truly don’t mix. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one-third of all U.S. traffic-related deaths happen as the result of impairment caused by alcohol. It doesn’t matter if you feel okay after drinking. Many people who think that they’re fine are actually impaired. Hand over your keys to a responsible party before you turn to alcohol to have fun and unwind. 

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Invest in New Tires

As noted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on its TireWise website, nearly 200 people die in tire-related crashes yearly. Tire defects, poor inflation, worn or cracked rubber tread and other tire problems are the primary cause of 11,000 traffic accidents. Invest in new tires before your current ones bypass the 4,700 mile mark, which is the average lifespan of a tire, or if the tread indicators are worn down.

Pull Over to Chat

Since plenty of drivers become easily distracted by conversation with passengers, it isn’t difficult to believe that phone calls can be equally distracting. If you need to talk briefly to a caller, use your phone’s hands-free option and set up a voice activation feature so that you can end the call without tapping buttons or looking down. If you want to “chat” for a while, especially if you’re driving on a long stretch of straight highway across a flat geographic area or at night, pull over on the side of the road. These environmental conditions often make drivers sleepy and talking on the phone while tired makes many drivers even more distracted then if they drive without chatting.

Stay in the Car

Automobile safety involves more than vehicle maintenance tips and safe driving strategies. Sometimes people attack drivers. Someone might force you into an accident or flag you down to help them with a broken vehicle on a remote road. People who use these schemes hope to steal your car and other valuables or hurt you physically in some way. Call emergency services instead of getting out of your vehicle unless it appears to be on fire. If what looks like a single police cruiser arrives on the scene, don’t trust blindly that you are dealing with an officer. Stay in your vehicle, crack the window, ask for the “officer’s” badge number and call emergency services to confirm his/her identity.

If you have experienced an accident as the result of another driver failing to perform basic behind-the-wheel automobile safety measures, you can find the help you need through an experienced automobile accident attorney in Lexington. An accident attorney can also provide you with many other tips for keeping yourself and your loved ones safe while on the road.