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Five Tips for Hiring Vehicles from Rental Agencies

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Whether you’re arriving in the country on holiday or needing to hire a car while yours is in the shop, you want to make sure to get a decent vehicle. You don’t want to hire one only to have it break down on the highway or stall on you in the city. Here are five tips to ensure that you hire the best vehicle possible from a rental agency.

Hire the Right Size

When hiring a vehicle for yourself and/or your family on holiday, you shouldn’t only consider how many people will be in it but how much luggage there is as well. Although a sedan may have plenty of room for everyone, if it won’t hold all the luggage, it isn’t large enough. Make sure that you can take everything you’ve brought on holiday, especially if you’re staying in hotels and not with friends or family.

Inspect Carefully

Before leaving the rental agency, do a thorough inspection of the vehicle that they’ve selected for your hire. Along with looking over the body for dents, dings, and scratches so you won’t be charged for damage that you didn’t do, turn the vehicle on to make sure it runs well and everything works. Test drive the car in the lot and listen for unusual sounds under the hood, make sure that the gears shift smoothly, and ask when the car was last serviced.

Double-Check Agreement

Before signing off on the rental agreement, read the contract to make sure that it contains everything you agreed to when the vehicle was booked. Make sure that roadside assistance is included with the rental in case the car has a mechanical failure or you have an accident while on the road. Look for any hidden costs and clarify what they are before signing your name and driving away with the car.

Adhere to Contract

Make sure to follow the rules of an agreement for hiring a New Zealand rental car. They will spell out who can drive the vehicle, when and where it must be returned, and what condition to return it in. For instance, most agencies want the car to be returned with the same amount of fuel in the tank, the vehicle should be clean, and you need to return on time to avoid being charged additional fees.

Get GPS and OnBoard Assistance

When booking a vehicle, try to get one with GPS and OnBoard assistance so you can easily find your way around when on holiday. It will prevent getting lost when travelling, which could delay your arrival by hours to your next destination. Also, if you are visiting friends or relatives, let them know your itinerary so assistance can be sent if there is a significant delay in your arrival.

By following these tips, you should be able to hire the best car for your needs while on holiday or while your car is being repaired. If you are on holiday with your family, make sure to adhere to all the traffic laws to enjoy your driving experience in New Zealand.