Common Trends that Are Found Involving Motorcycle Accidents

Did you know that accidents involving motorcycles and other vehicles account for 56% of all motorcycle deaths? Today, these types of accidents are a more common sight than other forms of accidents. This can be partly attributed to the rapid increase in the use of motorcycles as a convenient means of transport. Moreover, every year we see the introduction of an improved safety feature in passenger cars as well as trucks.

However, motorcycles seem to be left out of this progress in safer travel. Consequently, motorcyclists are therefore more susceptible to serious injury or even death when an accident occurs, irrespective of the use of a motorcycle helmet or other available safety gear intended to protect them. So, here are some of the common accident trends analyzed by Page Law involving motorcycles.

Head on collisions

In most of the motorcycle accident deaths, the car usually strikes the motorcycle from the front. This happens 78% of the time especially when motorcyclists speed on the wrong lane. Rarely does the car strike a motorcycle from the rear. The result of this head-on collision is always fatal to the motorcyclist.

 Cars making left- hand turns

A fatal situation mostly happens when cars are making left -hand turns. This type of collision accounts for 42% of accidents between motorcycles and cars. Most of the time, a turning car will strike the motorcycle when the motorcycle is:

  • passing or overtaking the car
  • going through an intersection

The motorcycle’s small size makes it less visible to the turning vehicle causing the collision. Furthermore, when motorcycles pass cars within the same lane, it exposes them to grave danger as cars don’t expect them and are therefore taken by surprise.

Motorcycle lane splitting

This happens when a motorcyclist attempts to drive in between two lanes of slow moving cars, especially in traffic jams. What makes lane splitting a common cause of motorcycle accidents is:

  • the reduced space the motorcycle has to maneuver
  • the closeness of the motorcycle to the cars
  • the fact that other vehicle drivers do not anticipate them

When an accident occurs when a motorcycle is lane splitting, the factors that determine who is at fault are: whether lane splitting is allowed in that state, how the police officer looks at the whole issue of lane splitting and the actions of both the driver of the car as well as the motorist before the accident.

In the wake of a motorcycle accident, it is important that you consult with an attorney who will strongly protect your rights. There are many law firms that receive these types of cases daily. The fact is, motorcycles are exposed to greater danger on the road more than other vehicles. This may be attributed to factors such as the fact that they are smaller in size and in nature, less stable. In view of this, the bottom line is: motorcyclists need to take necessary precautions to avert the risk of getting injured or even death. Your loved ones will be grateful that you did so.