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Are you sure you know everything about buying used cars?

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Are you planning to purchase a used car either from a friend or from a dealer? Once you start intruding into the market of used cars, you will soon realise that it is a huge market indeed. In fact, as per a report from last year, used car purchase was equally high as the sales of new cars. It is a big deal when you get yourself a used car because there are several things that you need to keep in mind so as to strike the best deal.

Luckily, you will come across several companies where they appoint agents who can assist you in navigating through the entire process with enough ease and expertise. If you too want to complete this process of buying a used car smoothly, here are few things to check.

  • The car and its documents require being thoroughly inspected

Get a mechanic whom you can rely on and ask him to inspect the used car. Before you make the purchase, this lets you fix any problems, if there are any. Ensure checking all insurance papers as this will let you indicate any accidents that the car had met in the past. The higher is the No Claim Bonus (NCB), the better. Check whether the chassis no. and the engine number match with the registration papers, check all filters to get them altered if needed and also judge how well the user had maintained his car. Also check the brakes of the car and examine the tires watchfully. Visit to know more on buying the best tires and other car parts.

  • Transfer the certificate of registration to your name

In order to complete this step, you need to fill out Form 29 and Form 30 and it needs to be signed by the previous owner as well as the new owner. Once the RC is successfully transferred, you then have to transfer the insurance policy to your name or get a new one. In case the original owner of the car bought the car via a loan, make sure you receive the actual invoice of the car. Get an NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the car finance company.

  • Transfer the insurance policy to your name

It is vital for you to have a valid car insurance policy in your name and hence the next step would be to transfer the policy to your name. If the situation is where the RC is in your name but the policy is still at the name of the old owner, then the insurance policy will be negated. Hence, it becomes an imperative to transfer the insurance policy to your name before you complete the deal on the used car.

  • Fix up and clean the car before driving for the first time

A thorough clean up of both the exterior and the interior of the car is necessary. If you can, you can also choose to steam clean or sanitize the entire car. Change the fluids and oils as this too is necessary.

Therefore, if you’re in the used car market to grab a second-hand car for the first time, make sure you take into account the above mentioned steps to end the purchase in a smooth manner.