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5 Tips to Care for your Nissan Car

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Anyone who owns a car looks for longevity and better performance which is first assured by the manufacturer, but to add a few more years to the warranty period, the owner needs to take some responsibilities. A regular maintenance schedule can make a lot of difference, and in turn your Nissan car would repay you with all its duties falling in place.

From the Central Coast Nissan dealer, we got these five easy tips to keep a Nissan as good as new.

  1. During the ‘break-in’ period

If your new Nissan car has not crossed the break-in period yet, which is the first 1,000 miles, one needs to keep the speed below 55 mph or whichever speed was recommended in the Nissan Owner’s Model Manual. In the first few years, try to avoid loading heavy luggage on the drive train, or loading too heavy materials on the roof rack or cargo.

Do not keep your Nissan sit idle for long time, that makes a lot of impact on the overall life span of the vehicle. This is a thumb rule for the entire life span, but it is to be particularly followed during the break-in time. The reason being, that the oil pressure gets generated during the idle period might not send the required amount of oil to all the parts of the engine.

  1. Drive with care

Nissan is a brand that pairs performance with sophistication. A reckless drive would scrap down the sophisticated technology and the precise response. On the other end, a little bit of care would reward you back with royal performance every time you are out on the road with your Nissan. It is better not to initiate the risk of racing up the car’s engine while key starting the car. A gradual acceleration with a steady pick up would prevent the engine from unnecessary wearing.

  1. Caring for the brakes and tyres

The engine, brakes and tires are the trio components that your car is badly dependent upon. The manual you get when you drove it home for the first time isn’t lying. The speed limit posted there isn’t to create any unnecessary panic. That is what you Nissan can take for the warm up time. Try to avoid fast starts, sudden brakes, and squeaky turns. Consciously stay away from potholes and hard big objects lying on the road.

  1. Club together the short trips for errands

The wear and and the pollution that a car generates all happens during the first few minutes of starting the car and driving. If possible, avoid too many small trips and starting it all over every time. Try to join your trips together, round up all the small visits and save on the life span of your favourite Nissan

  1. Nissan Interior Care

To continue with the original upholstery for a longer time, make a habit of cleaning off the salt and dirt deposits either with a car vacuum cleaner, or a professional help. By using a heavy plastic sheet on them would prevent from stains and other damages.

Rounding Up

Apart from these, any Nissan dealer would advise you to keep checking on the regular fluid, make some cleaning and touch up work done on its interiors and exteriors, pumping up the tyres and getting some repair work done before it gets too serious.